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Hoạt động
To Valued Guests

On behalf of all dpi Teachers, we would like to thank you for your co-sharing the responsibility to convey knowledge for Vietnamese young generation. Experiences of the ones working in professional environments like your companies, who are accessible to the newest informations of non-stop developing area like Design, are the valuable sharing to Vietnamese young people, who have passion in this challenging but attractive area.

Meaningful supports from you and your companies, such as: evaluating of Portfolios, participating in Portfolio Days, conducting various Workshops, Seminars,… providing Prizes for best students,… have brought a great value to the development of our students.

As Educators, we believe that our young students have been inspired so much by Guests – who have gained lots of experiences and successes in their careers – that have been encouraged them day by day to learn harder, to be successful designers in the future, like you guys !

“Creativity is just connecting things”
So, let’s connect !!

Thank you !
dpi School